Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just a GREAT day:)

I'm having such a great day here I just felt the need to share my joy:)

I've been trying to get in the habit of blogging more often, even if it's just random things that I find interesting myself. & today I'm just having a great day!

It was super nice out this morning, not too hot so I let the puppies out of the fence to go run in and the woods and play in our pond. I just love how excited they get to go play and "be free" :) 

While they did their adventuring I checked our fan page just like I do every day. But today was extra exciting, because this was the first thing I saw:) I've been keeping in touch with the gorgeous Jennifer Carta since we met her and her hubby in LA earlier this year. She is beyond sweet and has fallen in love with many of our designs. She first contacted me about a month ago and said that she wore our signature pendant on her show VicTORIous  !!!!

So, after hearing how much she LOVED our creations we were beyond excited to work with her on some more jewels. Here is what all you can watch for on VicTORIous this next season:)

*Our Jolie Bracelet in Jasper
*Love Life Pendant
*OOAK Button Bracelet
*Hippie Lifestyle Stack
*Custom Jasper, aquamarine and Turquoise earrings:)

Clearly, I was super pumped and having a fab day!!! THEN, the mail comes  and what's in there? My new GUSSY SEWS TOTE!!!! WOO HOO! I am in love with just about everything she makes. If you read her blog then you know how sweet and hard working she is. She definitely makes all things with lots of love:)

SO, on this fantabulous day I just wanted to say thank you ALL for being such amazing customers, friends and supporters. We would not be where we are today without you! I hope you'll continue to stick along for this crazy ride we are on:)


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