Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Hoof & A Prayer Horse Rescue

We here at HorseFeathers have a major love for animals, so when our friends at A Hoof &A Prayer Horse Rescue posted about their major need for funds for hay we immediately wanted to help out. Now through August 31st 100% of the net proceeds go to from our signature bronzependant will go to help these gorgeous fur babies!

You can purchase the necklace here.

Here is a little more about what they do in their words- “A Hoof and a Prayer horse rescue is a non-profit horse rescue located in Evansville, IN. We take in starved, abused, and neglected horses, and strive to turn to bring them back to health, and find them the perfect forever home. Taking care of horses is expensive--especially horses in poor health. We absolutely cannot make this happen without support from the community! We are just starting out, but if you would like to know more or find out how to get involved, let us know!”
Photos by Jaime Fleming

Please help us help them! Any little bit helps. If you cannot purchase the pendant please consider donating any ammount you can via Paypal here.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Spark & Hustle and a giveaway:)

We recently attended Tory Johnson's Spark & Hustle conference and left feeling beyond motivated! We learned soooo much from so many amazing business women. It was a great experience. I highly recommend reading Tory's book. You can purchase it here. You can also go here to see if they are coming to a city near you:)

AMAZING speakers Shameeka Ayers & Suzanne Sevier

Our new friends with Sarah Palisi Chapin, CEO of Hail Merry

Us with the AMAZING and totaly down to earth Tory Johnson:)

Tammy with Gigi Butler, owner of Gigi's Cupcakes!

So here are some things we learned:
  •  It's impossible to please everyone. I am VERY aware of this. I constantly get emails asking why our items are priced like they are, then those are followed by emails from happy customers telling us how much they LOVE their item(s) and the quality. Personally I don't know why people feel the need to voice their negative opinions, but I do know it makes me more and more thankful for the very loyal customers we have:)

Awesome bracelets by Tory Johnson:)

  • Make it happen!!! This is my new mantra. There are so many things on our to do list that I have been putting off because I'm scared of what may happen. But I've come to learn that if I don't go for it and take that chance someone else will. So we are on a mission to make it happen!!! If you've been thinking of doing something like a celebrity gifting, pitching to local media or editorials, JUST DO IT! I promise, you won't regret it!

  • Always be networking! I love meeting new people and pushing their business to our fans on facebook and instagram! YOU ARE NOT IN COMPETITION WITH ANYONE!!!!! The quicker you realize this the happier you will be and the better your business will do. You have your own story with your own style. There is only one of you! Tell that story, show your style, and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing. I have seen WAY too much "bullying" from businesses lately. Chill the hell out! :) There is enough room in this big ole' world for us all. Building relationships with other businesses will only help you. Bullying other businesses will only hurt you. It also makes you into the evil bitch monster that no one wants to associate with and that's never good! lol

  • Original ideas are very rare these days. We are all generally inspired by the same things. I've seen sellers release almost identical items at the same time! Neither of them knowing what the other is doing. More than likely you didn't "invent" the idea that you've come up with. There are very few inventors out there. You can have similar items as others and they will have your twist because they are made and designed by you! You have your own style which is not like anyone else. For example, my lovely pen pal Jennifer owns Blooming Lotus Jewelry. You're probably thinking "umm, hello, you guys are competition" but we aren't! And we bounce ideas off each other and help each other all the time!  We both have very similar fashion styles but are still different. She is more yoga inspired bohemian and we are more country inspired bohemian. Below you can see a stack from each of us. Very different feel and meaning behind them:)

Hippie Stack by HFG
Bee Inspired Stack by BLJ

We are now working on really getting to know our customers and would LOVE some feedback! Take a moment to fill out the survey below and then leave us a comment letting us know you've done so. We will be giving away a couple of these babies:)
We've picked 3 winners!!! Kimberly, Sara Pollack & Kel78belle please email your full name and address to
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