Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Some days I just spend hours searching for inspiration. I look for color combos, photo shoot ideas, just all kinds of things. I have fallen in LoVe with Pinterest and that is where I found all these images. Just thought I would share some of my inspiration with the rest of you:)  

& I was dying laughing when I found this because it was so true. I was feeling pretty accomplished when in reality all I had done is collected a bunch of photos...


A product we LOVE

Today I’d like to share a bit of info about a product my mom and I have come to LOVE. You may have seen me mention Body by Vi on our page. Our amazing marketing director Lindsay Colton became a rep for this product after it being recommend by her doctor to help with some stomach issues she’s been battling for a while.  Of course before she became a rep, Lindsay drinks one shake and calls to tell me I will love it and need to try it. So I try it and what do you know, it’s the bomb! J If you know me or Lindsay we are total health freaks. This came from the fact that we have both been battling totally rare medical issues for years together and have tried to change everything we possibly could to be the healthiest we could be praying that it would help our issues. So after us chatting about this product and falling in love Lindsay became a rep. 

So to fill you in on my issue a bit I have some super rare skin disease that of course, there is no known cure for. They say if your overweight lose weight (good there), if you smoke quite(don’t smoke nor have I ever), and avoid any humid climates(I live in the south). Well how the hell did I get this what my thought?!!? Ha-ha So doctors have concluded I’m officially the healthiest person ever to have this stuff.  So basically I randomly gets cysts all over at any given time and we just sit and wait for them to go away, BUT since I have been drinking my daily nutrition shake I am very happy to say I have not had one single cyst!!! Now those who know about me and all this cyst mess know that a month would be a super long time for me not to have one, but wait, it’s been over 2 months now! So yay me !!!! ha-ha Lindsay has also stopped going to the doctor as frequently for her issues and thinks it may have something to do with our amazingly delicious shake.  

I’m not saying it is some miracle shake at all, just wanted to share my experience with it in the hopes that it would possibly help someone else like it has meJ  They have something for everyone really. My mom & I drink one shake a day for balanced nutrition but If you are looking to lose weight along your journey they have a few different options for that as well.  If you’re interested I HIGHLY recommend banana energy mix in for your shake! As most of you know I had a slight red bull addiction & this banana energy packet in my shake has totally changed that. I feel much healthier and have energy all day which I love!
Here is a video on the prodcut. I watched like 10 on you tube before trying it! lol

If you have any questions or would like to learn more you can visit Lindsays' site here!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just another Tuesday

Today we set up our booth at a lovely shop right up the road from us in Clarksville, TN called Artifacts. Love the store, don't love the fact that they have no AC and it is like 98 here on a daily basis. We loaded up the truck and lots of water and set out on a mission to make a bad ass booth before we died from heat stroke:)

After 2 hours of lugging furniture up 18 stairs about 100 times we finally got all our goodies into the store.


We are loving our new booth:)


We LOVE downtown Clarksville! It is such a cute area with tons of great shops! If you are in the area you should definitely check it out.

After we set up our booth we stopped at a little cafe for a salad and then decided we needed pedicures:)

5 minutes down the road we found a fabulous little nail salon and it was time for some relaxing!

I am in LOVE with my nail color! I am going to find this polish asap! Thanks China Glaze:)
 Hope everyones Tuesday was as fun filled as ours: )