Monday, April 30, 2012

Organzing this little biz....

We've been slacking on blogging lately. Attempting to get ourselves organized again since our little biz has about trippled in size since the beginning of the year:) I feel like things are finally coming together. We had absolutely no idea where we really wanted things to go or where we wanted to end up, but we have been given so many opportunities which have helped guide us along the way. I've read so many great articles on indie businesses lately, my favorite being ones by Gussy Sews. I mean how smart is this, put all your notes and post its and goals and ideas in one binder! Why didn't I think of that?!!?

This is my goal for the evening. Create a nice little home for all the ideas and designs that are the chaotic mess on my desk.
{Image via Gussy Sews}

Back in December I stumbled upon some great FREE printable's by Life Your Way that have really helped me plan out what our goals are for our biz. {There are also free printable's to organize just about any part of your world:)} About mid December I started jotting down my yearly goals for 2012. Did I expect to accomplish EVERY DANG ONE by March? NO! But was it fan-freaking-tastic to go back and have to create more goals because we had already accomplished our entire year? YES:) The goals set in Dec. were a bit more about getting our name out there more. Check. So now we really should focus on running this little biz (yes, it's sorta backwards but hey, that's how we roll in the south:)

Goals for HorseFeathers Gifts 2012

  • Get in a national magazine
  • Attend a celebrity gift lounge
  • Average sales over X amount per month
  • Focus on wholesale aspect of our biz
  • Create more of a brand for ourselves
  • Get jewelry on Pretty Little Liars (yes, Chelsea here, and I am addicted)
  • Regularly blog!
Things that we accomplished that were NOT on our goals list:
  1. Get interviewed on LIVE national TV
  2. Mingle with celebs at a super fab Hollywood night club
  3. Made a name for ourselves in Hollywood (we've been invited back 4 times already!)
  4. Asked to fly out to be interviewed on Extra with Mario Lopez (we will be doing this on our next LA trip:)
  5. Have our jewelry on TWO different TV shows. You'll be seeing our jewels on Disney's Jessie & on Nickelodeons Victorious
I honestly cannot believe how much has happened this year so far! It is completely insane to think about. We are seriously so fortunate to have all these amazing opportunities come our way and we truly appreciate everything. (for real!)

So back to getting organized....

Last month my momma, Karrie and I all got ourselves Erin Condren's Life Planner. Holy moly was that a grand idea! Besides the fact that we all now have events and deadlines and all that jazz in ALL our planners (you wouldn't believe how many times none of us knew when we were supposed to be doing a show!hahaha) but there are also totally adorable inspirational sayings throughout the entire planner! It is just fab I tell you!

So with all this organizational goodness going on I plan to keep you up to date on what adventures we are on and the journey of growing our biz:)

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  1. Oh I hope you guys get some of your amazing things on Pretty Little Liars too! I'm a new fan of the show and love everything they wear!!