Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How to take your jewelry biz to the next level

We are always looking for new courses and training in our field. Let's be real, you can never really know too much about what you do! One of the best ways to stay not only motivated but also stay up on the latest tips and tricks of the industry are to constantly surround yourself with people who are just as passionate about your dream as you are.
I recently completed RHH B-School which was AMAZING! I cannot even tell you how much we have changed, started to implement and are currently working on all because of this program. AWESOMENESS!
During B-School I met two fabulous women who have already changed my life (for reals!).
Tracy and Robin are pretty much experts in the jewelry industry. Tracy is an amazing jewelry designer and has worked with some HUGE names in the industry. Robin has also worked with some of the biggest names in jewelry and is a marketing and sales genius! These ladies have helped HorseFeathers get on the right track to massive success!
You can read their full bio here.
They recently launched Flourish and Thrive Academy, a program exclusively designed to show up and coming jewelry biz owners exactly how to start and run a successful jewelry business. Pretty darn nifty huh?
You can sign up for their newsletter here and get tons of fabulous info delivered straight to your inbox:)!
 So head on over and check out what Flourish & Thrive has to offer!

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