Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hello California:)

There's nothing like being completely nervous and overwhelmed with something just to have something even more insane thrown into the mix. That is how our Cali trip went. I was all stressed out trying to get all the jewelry made, organized and stuffed into 2 carry ons when I get an email from the assistant producer of FOX News asking us if we will be on their show while we are in LA!!! Holy crap. That was my only response at this point! lol So we had a phone meeting or two, shipped a bunch of jewels off to their DC location and tried not to think about the fact that we would be doing a LIVE interview in just a few days.

Here's some pics around their LA studio....

What's this little guy you might ask? Well, until we get to the LA studio we had NO IDEA that we were doing a satellite interview and that the lovely gal interviewing us was in DC! So to add to the stress they explain we will not be able to see who is interviewing us and we have to speak to that little happy face and we will hear them ask the questions through our ear piece!!! Yes, I am about to puke at this point.

I assure you that this man will never forget us. Adam here was the lucky one who got to help us get set up for this interview. I was slightly freaking out, Karrie was taking pictures like crazy, and my mom is saying "we have no idea why they picked us!" yea, he was laughing pretty good at us:)

This was Karries seat during the interview, she got to watch us on set and on the camera, PLUS she could see the gal in DC that was interviewing us.

Do we look mad? Well, we aren't. I'm pretty sure we are just trying not to puke! lol

Here is the full interview:)

Hallelujah, the interview is over!!! Now we were all excited (and talking about the fact that my mom just said she wants to kill me on national TV! lol) so we asked the folks in the studio if we could see the interview (remember, we couldnt see anything and have no idea what the heck just happened at this point). They took us back through the studio into the control room thing and let us watch it, then they even got us a copy of it:) They were beyond nice!

All changed into our "shoppin" clothes we decided to take some photos outside the studio.

I didn't think about what "compact" meant when I rented a compact car. For future reference it means really flippin small! lol I'm 5'10" and here is me lying beside our car. It was a lovely little guy. We couldn't go up hills with the AC on or we lost power... Good times.

Me & Karrie outside the studio:)

After the nerve wracking interview we asked the nice folks at the studio where we should go for the day and they recommended the Santa Monica pier. So glad we listened! It was gorgeous that day and we had done nothing but work (literally nothing, we hadn't had an actual meal in 2 days) so we were ready to spend some money and eat some food! :)

Don't worry, this crazy snake charmer just had rubber snakes... yep... that's even more bizarre. Gotta love Cali:)

The Santa Monica pier

Of course, Tammy had to put her feet in the water:)

TONS of folks were out shopping in Santa Monica. It was GORGEOUS that day:)

Finally, we are eating! It took us forever to decide where to eat because we hadn't eaten at any of the cool restaurants. We decided pizza was a good choice since we were starving plus they had a cute little outdoor seating area:)

How stinkin cool is this dressing room?!!? I LOVE Nordstroms.
I'm a regular Nordstroms online shopper, they have some great deals and they have exclusive Toms there too:) If you have never shopped there, checkout their site here.

And here I am with our bags. We had a fabulous time shopping and enjoying the weather!

Stay tuned for all our photos from The Oscars event:)


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